Here’s What’s Wrong With That Viral “World’s Toughest Job” Ad

First of all, I admit to getting teary-eyed watching this ad. Motherhood is the most fulfilling yet simultaneously emotionally and physically exhausting work I’ve ever done. I would have shared the heck out of it if I hadn’t been a little turned off when I realized it was an advertisement and I had been emotionally played. And when I read this post on Time, I agreed with their point about fetishizing motherhood, which actually leads to heaping the full responsibility of parenthood on mothers rather than involving and celebrating the fathers. I am so very thankful that my husband is equally involved in parenting and household chores, freeing me up to be more than just a domestic servant and to have a break when I need it. What do you think?


The Internet got collectively teary-eyed over Tuesday’s viral video about the “World’s Toughest Job,” which is—surprise!—motherhood. The video, which turns out is actually an advertisement for, comes from that Dove Beauty model of feel-good videos that you don’t know are ads until it’s too late and you’ve already shared it on Facebook. And with almost 8 million views in less than two days, it’s safe to say that millions have emailed the link to their moms with some XOXOs and a laundry question or two.

But the cutesy ode to motherhood doesn’t do the “profession” justice. And even worse, the video makes it sound like being a dad consists of an occasional game of catch and an awkward sex talk in comparison. By fetishizing all the things moms do for their kids, we’re forgetting that both parents are responsible for their children, and we’ve put the burden of care…

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